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16 January 2019
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Is anything worth having without applying any effort?

Linda Hausmanis is Director of Education at BIFM
Linda Hausmanis is director of education at BIFM

18 January 2016 | Linda Hausmanis

BIFM's Linda Hausmanis on #fmresolutions2016 and what facilities managers can do to develop skills in their career.

Is anything worth having without applying any effort?

When did the discussions about your New Year resolutions begin – back in December, over the Christmas dinner, or as you approached New Year’s Eve?

I don’t know about you, but the period between putting the decorations away and getting them out again seemed to go by in a flash and what was to show for that time, what had changed in my life? Sounds familiar? Many of the messages I have seen over this period have been about meditation, prayer and mindfulness about what you hope for in 2016 – all solid strategies, however, the one thing that is needed regardless of which route you take is ‘effort’. The effort it takes to plan and prepare the way ahead. 

No one tackles climbing a mountain without planning the route, the conditions, preparing your body and mind for the endurance. If you knew of someone who just decided to turn up and start the ascent without any of the preparation, you would believe, with just cause, that the individual will fail. And so it is with New Year’s resolutions. It is easy to state the endgame, e.g. give up smoking, eat healthier, lose weight, achieve a qualification, but without the planning and the preparation all goals will be futile because it is the journey towards the ultimate goal which creates the huge sense of achievement because you know the effort it took, the stamina, the endurance, the pain, the staying power it took when to give up would have been so much easier. 

So when an individual looks at his/her qualification certificate to them that one piece of paper reflects the hours spent studying, researching, preparing, listening, engaging, questioning, writing, reviewing, evaluating, challenging – and only they can see that.

All resolutions are about rewiring your brain, changing patterns of behaviour, changing thought patterns – can you do it? Yes, you can, but it will take effort, which requires a change in behaviour and thought pattern. As Einstein once said of insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results”, so what effort will you make in 2016 to ensure you see different results?

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Linda Hausmanis is director of education at BIFM