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19 June 2019
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  • Decision-making is not always easy'I had no choice; it was me or him'. The quote was on a news item, but it could have been from anywhere in any number of business situations that I have been in over the years, blogs John Bowen. 27 April 2015
  • For the Living Wage the only way is upIn 2010, the political manifestos generally remained silent on Living Wage. Not surprisingly, given that KPMG research has found that 5.2 million people (20 per cent of the workforce) earn less than Living Wage. This time around most of the political parties are referring positively to the Living Wage, blogs Guy Stallard, head of facilities at KPMG UK. 23 April 2015
  • The unconventional becomes the normFMs will always need to adapt to change, but looking at what's required of the workplace from a purely human perspective, Millennials are likely to have similar demands to all those who've gone before them, writes FM World editor Martin Read. 23 April 2015
  • Let's stop using annual appraisalsThere is no doubt that tools are useful things to have for they can make our lives so much easier, but they have two major drawbacks, blogs John Bowen. 13 April 2015
  • Living Wage: a matter of life and deathIs the Living Wage argument a matter of life and death? It is much more important than that, writes FM World managing editor Martin Read. 08 April 2015
  • How the office can survive into the futureThere still seems to be a view that we provide buildings offices, hospitals, warehouses or whatever and that people come to these places to do things there, blogs John Bowen. 30 March 2015
  • BIFM London Conference: Bugs, Budget & BrainstormsIf chancellor George Osborne opening his red box to reveal the pre-election Budget didn't cause much of a stir in Westminster last Wednesday, then the insect canapés at the BIFM London region conference taking place underneath the Treasury in the Churchill War Rooms certainly did. Cathy Hayward reports. 27 March 2015
  • Attitude to accessBIFM chief executive Gareth Tancred joined minister for disabled people Mark Harper at the House of Commons to announce the first winners in the Accessible Britain Challenge awards, a scheme set up by the Department of Work and Pensions last September, writes Martin Read. 26 March 2015
  • Are we nearly there yet?Are we nearly there yet? that familiar cry from the back seat, and sometimes from the front. The answer may be 'yes', maybe 'no' but how do we know? Blogs John Bowen. 23 March 2015
  • Right and wrong: democracy or dictatorship?When you are young you begin to learn from the people and the world around you, blogs John Bowen. 16 March 2015
  • FM - a creative accountFacilities management is rarely in the spotlight for the creativity of its practitioners - but it definitely should be, argues Martin Read 12 March 2015
  • Every man in the fleet knows what to do except the commanding admiralThese words were written by Ian Fleming for his creation 'M' to utter in conversation with 007 and they convey an important leadership principle. 09 March 2015
  • FSA nut substitution probe should shock us allNews that the Food Standards Agency is investigating the use of undeclared almonds and peanuts as a substitute for cumin should put an organisation's total knowledge of its supply chain from end to end firmly in the spotlight. Diana Spellman, managing director of Partners in Purchasing Ltd, comments. 06 March 2015
  • The power of wordsLanguage has fascinated me for as long as I can remember; to listen to someone speak well or to read something well written is a joy. Language evolves, though, and even in my lifetime there has been a lot of change, blogs John Bowen. 02 March 2015
  • My four years with the Risings and the women who made it inspirationalI can still remember the call from Sam Bowman in March 2011 enquiring if I would be interested in coming along to a couple of the Risings committee sessions, blogs Andrew Hulbert. 02 March 2015
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