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22 March 2019
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Who are the Rising FMs?

20 May 2014 

Rising – it’s a slightly ambiguous term, but one that has nothing to do with age or ambition.

At least, not in the context of the Rising FMs Special Interest Group it doesn’t. To the Rising FMs, ‘rising’ is about the journey towards establishment; it’s our personal standards that rise. Who the Risings are and what we stand for is something that we have been working hard to clarify in our new mission statement.

When I was elected as chair of the Risings in March this year it felt like something had turned full-circle. These days I’m fortunate to have a good industry reputation and a great network of people I can go to for advice and support, but not that long ago I was a newbie, feeling out of my depth and convinced that everyone else knew far more than I. A lot of people helped me on my journey, but it was the Rising FMs in particular who helped develop my confidence and leadership skills to the extent that I am now proud to be their leader.

The Risings committee is an amazing group of individuals who share my passion for FM. We believe that getting facilities people together to network – to share ideas, knowledge and experiences – raises the bar for the industry, which in turn assists the industry to raise its profile. 

We specialise in making it easy to get involved in the FM community so this interaction can happen; we believe that FM should be fun and that networking shouldn‘t be scary so we keep our events informal and inclusive. 

Our events run throughout the year. Some have a purely networking/social focus and are a great way to meet other professionals – especially if you’re new to networking. 

We also run a really great programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events that are also fun, but educational too, so you’ll learn something useful as well as having a great time. 

We work hard to make sure that our CPD events align with the BIFM Professional Standards, so that they’re great for both new and established professionals alike. So if you are thinking about getting involved, check out our event pages on the BIFM website (www.bifm.org.uk/risingfms) or follow us on Twitter (@RisingFMs) – we’d love to see you at something soon!

The Rising FMs’ mission statement:

  • Our purpose: “To make facilities management accessible to everyone that seeks to embrace it. To help those within FM to develop the confidence, skills and personal connections to become established professionals.” 
  • Our aspiration: “To be the gateway into the industry for FM professionals.”
  • Our values: “Putting the ‘fun’ in FM and taking the ‘scary’ out of networking. Promoting the FM industry through the sharing of knowledge.”