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Cyril Parsons
Cyril Parsons

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07 May 2019 Cyril Parsons

The ideal office space is dependent on three key factors, explains Cyril Parsons.

There’s no single contributing influence that guarantees the perfect office space. A good office requires a mix of certain elements, with three fundamental considerations that can bring you a few steps closer to a blueprint for the ideal.

First, flexibility. 

Various studies have confirmed that flexibility is now the most valued aspect of any job as we’re all committed to achieving the best work/life balance. What we want out of work has changed in recent generations and we’d all like to manage our own workloads, choosing the hours we work and where and how we work.

Then there’s well-being. 

A key tenet of a successful office environment is what it contributes to the health and well-being of its inhabitants. 

There are obvious practical ways in which well-being can be nurtured and supported, from well-ventilated spaces with lots of natural light to biophilic design. 

Consider how people like to work, by providing a mix of activity-based space options, including added extras such as standing desks, complimentary gym membership, free fruit, and storage areas for bikes. 

And, finally, there’s a sense of purpose. This is critical to any employment longevity as it is what drives the dynamic in the workplace and makes team members feel as if they truly belong. 

Creating a better working environment depends a lot on positivity and generating a sense of commitment and self-belief in the workforce. This is just as essential to the workplace as flexibility and well-being as without it any potential drive and enthusiasm just fades away.

Nurturing and encouraging that sense of purpose comes from showing staff that their contribution is valued and that they count. 

Ultimately, the best workplaces are those that consider all of the above needs – purpose, flexibility and well-being – and seek to address all three. 

Cyril Parsons is joint managing director and co-founder of Office Principles