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26 March 2019
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Fraser Talbot

4 January 2019 Fraser Talbot

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Fraser Talbot explains the professional standards the IWFM has adopted.

We developed the Workplace and Facilities Management Professional Standards in consultation with sector experts to define the competencies required to be a proficient professional.

The standards are used by employers to analyse their workforce’s skills and plan people development programmes and by professionals to evaluate their level of competency and plan their development.

We have updated the standards to meet the demands on industry professionals from today’s organisations and tomorrow’s ways of working. 

Our educational offering is core to advancing the profession. Our suite of professional qualifications anticipates the development needs of individuals at all levels of their career. Our career development pathway includes qualifications from foundational levels up to graduate. A profession qualified to degree level is critical to enable us to achieve chartered status in future and gain the distinct recognition our profession deserves.

In a profession with regular technical and regulatory changes, qualified professionals must seek continuing professional development (CPD) to grow their knowledge and skills so they can maintain a competitive edge.

CPD covers technical knowledge and skills as well as personal development that helps individuals become better professionals and work more effectively with colleagues and stakeholders.

We provide a range of short courses face to face and online to support your CPD, but professional development does not always need formal learning interventions. It may also include attendance at events, and reading journals, research papers and good practice guides. Any action or intervention where new knowledge is being imparted can be considered as CPD. 

You can log your CPD to show your employer your commitment development. 

Fraser Talbot is head of Professional Development at IWFM