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17 July 2019
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Nick Whiteley

06 November 2018 Nick Whiteley

Nick Whiteley offers advice on how to create good first impressions of your organisation to visitors. 

If you query how many visitors an organisation receives each month you’re likely to get statistics of website hits rather than who visits its bricks-and-mortar building. 

Both are important but, in the rush to be present in the virtual world, organisations cannot afford to neglect their physical presence and the obligations to their visitors. 

For most organisations, these visitors will comprise suppliers, customers, prospects, candidates, contractors and placements. In general, these are the constituents you want to impress.

Visitors are likely to have seen your website before arrival and may have picked up on your key messages. 

So when a visitor walks into your reception does it reflect these messages or completely contradict them? 

If you focus on ‘innovation and technology’ but use a pen and visitor book, you immediately have a credibility issue before you have even met them. If a visitor has to wait while their host is tracked down this will throw into question your message of ‘efficiency’.

Many of us will have had these experiences and often we can recall the good and bad moments we’ve had as visitors – this affects the host too.

If you are hosting a meeting with a prospect or customer, what frame of mind do you want them in? What initial view do you want them to have of you as business partner or supplier? 

All your visitors are potential critics or fans, whether you classify them as prospects or not. They may never become a customer but may influence other organisations to become one. 

  • Here are some tips to create the right user experience:
  • Welcome them warmly;
  • Provide a comfortable environment and seating;
  • Offer refreshments;
  • Update visitor registration;
  • Present literature reflecting the services and products of your organisation; and
  • Prompt notification to the host.


Nick Whiteley is CEO at hFX