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24 March 2019
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Chris Moriarty
Chris Moriarty

9 January 2019 Chris Moriarty

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We must embrace workplace and the challenges that come with it, argues Chris Moriarty.

It’s incredible to think that facilities management was only defined as recently as 1970. To rise to such prominence in such a short time is smart work for any industry, but we all know that there remains an awareness, influence and credibility deficit when compared to more easily understood professions.

Some frustration is understandable. This is not to suggest that a vast amount of important work hasn’t taken place; it has, but the time has come to reframe things and embracing workplace is the perfect opportunity for our profession. 

“Where there is challenge there is opportunity, if we are prepared to seize it. I think we are”

The idea of workplace has gained traction in recent times with the rise of the tech-enabled workspace (now work can happen wherever and whenever, right?) and the increasing focus on employee experience as organisations compete for talent. Perhaps it’s the optimism of a year’s worth of speaking about this, or the sense of energy that I’ve felt from our change programme at the institute and the positive response when we launched our new brand, but I believe we have reached a tipping point. It’s in the hands of our profession to realise its potential and in that to know that its practitioners can impact organisational performance. 

At the front of this magazine our CEO, Linda Hausmanis, outlines our 10-point plan for 2019, each element a pointer towards becoming the modern professional body we aspire to be. It sets out key objectives to best represent our members, promoting our profession and giving both a louder voice, but a huge part of that process is embracing the opportunity that workplace is offering. 

This is a new challenge for us, and it will take new skills, different perspectives and a wider scope of work if we are to make the most of it. 

This is an ever-changing sector and there will be challenges, but where there is challenge there is opportunity, if we are prepared to seize it.

I think we are. 

Chris Moriarty is director of Insight at IWFM