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17 January 2019
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ThinkFM 2017: Soundbites

Last month’s BIFM ThinkFM conference made clear how the rapidly developing Internet of Things landscape is providing unprecedented access to actionable workplace data. Here are a selection of quotes from this year's speakers on the current state of the smart building revolution.

To find out more about this year's conference, visit thinkfm.com

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ThinkFM 2017 Graeme Wright
Photography: Erroll Jones, Richard Gleed

”The cost of computing power has fallen by a factor of 100 over the last 10 years – and the cost of sensors is going through the same process now.”

Graeme Wright, chief technology officer, Fujitsu

ThinkFM 2017 James McHale
Photography: Erroll Jones, Richard Gleed

”We need more government advice about sharing data. After all, we want and need to transition to a low-carbon economy.”

James McHale, managing director, Memoori

ThinkFM 2017 Rob Scopes
Photography: Erroll Jones, Richard Gleed

“Our contention is that smart buildings are going to demand smart occupiers – and you (facilities managers) have a very big role in ensuring that.”

“There is a growing need for data scientists. My sense is the industry needs some certainty. There is opportunity here for FM. Whether developers, occupier or FM-led [it is] part of the agenda over next few years.”

Rob Scopes, real estate and capital programme management consultant, Deloitte

ThinkFM 2017 David Langley
Photography: Errol Jones, Richard Gleed

“FM needs to move ahead of the emerging bow-wave of smart building technology and data or risk being submerged. Helping occupiers to use systems and data to gain the most from this rapidly developing environment is key.”

David Langley, associate director of real estate consulting, Deloitte

ThinkFM 2017: Claire Penny
Photography: Erroll Jones, Richard Gleed

“The thing with cognitive building is that it never forgets. Machine learning adjusts automatically, so in theory the older the building, the smarter it becomes.”

Claire Penny, global leader for IBM’s Watson IOT for Buildings