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20 February 2019
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The MoD is letting service family accommodation © Shutterstock

9 October 2018 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Amey’s facilities management team have been working with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) to reduce the number of empty properties across the UK through a subletting project.


The project by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is offering service family accommodation, not currently required for use by service personnel, to civilians on six-month tenancy agreements.


The scheme is to maximise occupancy levels, and reduce voids across the MoD estate, providing extra income for DIO to put towards other projects benefitting service personnel. 


It also ensures regular property maintenance and fills up estates to give them more of a community feel, as well as contributing towards increasing the housing stock in the private market and getting the best use out of public assets. 


The six-month tenancy agreement ensures flexibility to use the properties for service personnel, should they need it.


Orchard & Shipman, residential property management specialists, have been appointed to advertise and manage these properties, while Amey continues to deliver the same maintenance service it provides for service families. 


Richard Sewter, assistant head of accommodation plans and requirements for DIO service delivery accommodation, said: "We have, to date, let some 850 properties across a number of sites across the UK. There are a number of significant benefits to the MoD in doing this. Some are quite obvious in that it reduces the financial burden of retaining empty houses, reduces the security risk of keeping these houses empty and it enables the MoD to remain flexible especially at a time where there is still uncertainty over the future of some MoD establishments. Furthermore, the rental income generated can be reinvested in the MoD estate.”