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13 November 2019
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David Howorth, regional director, Condeco
David Howorth, regional director, Condeco

11 November 2016 | Jamie Harris

The treatment of freelance staff in comparison to permanent staff is to be an increasingly important factor in the success of workplaces, according to a speaker at this week’s Worktech conference in London.

David Howorth, regional director at Condeco, pointed to research indicating that 40 per cent of the workforce will be freelancers, contractors or temporary workers in the next few years, noting that workplaces need to adapt to the changing workforce.

“Some businesses are really good at making freelance or contractor staff feel included, and some are really good at excluding you by treating you differently. You can’t disillusion or disenchant 40 per cent of your workforce.”

Howorth spoke of the evolving workplace, citing research from Forbes which suggested that employees value continuous professional development and improvements in their workspace over pay and benefits.

“It [career development] is important to everybody, not just younger people, and we need to package it in the right way. 

“They [also] want to work and collaborate in a work space that suits their needs and their colleagues’ needs.”

Howorth noted the shift in facilities management and workplace management to service, meeting staff needs with a suitable work space. 

He said: “My original background was in hotels, so customer service is in my blood. I now hear people in real estate, people in IT, talking about their internal customer. It’s hugely exciting.”

The Worktech conference was held in Canary Wharf, London. It set out to explore the future of work and the workplace, focussing on real estate, technology and innovation.