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20 July 2019
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Staff are less productive in messy offices 

23 January 2015

Workers in messy offices are up to 72 per cent less productive.


A study by ContractCleaning.co.uk found that people employed in offices with a low emphasis on a clean working environment spend less time in the workplace, and do not work as hard.


The survey asked more than 1,500 workers in 300 offices in the UK whether they thought their workplace was clean or dirty, and whether this contributed to their efficiency and enthusiasm for their jobs.


In offices where staff thought that their place of work cut corners on cleaning, 72 per cent said their surroundings made them less productive, 46 per cent said they took longer lunch breaks and spent less time in the office, and 25 per cent said they took sick leave because the surroundings depressed them.


Offices with regular cleaners, kitchen facilities, regularly serviced toilets and well-organised ways of working had better productivity and attendance, revealed the survey.


Sixty five per cent of those questioned said they looked forward to coming into a clean office in the morning, while 49 per cent thought that they worked harder as a result of a better organised office, and 26 per cent said they took shorter breaks or spent lunch breaks at their desks.