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18 July 2019
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Think Tank: FMs vote for cycle parking

10 May 2012

There should be laws to ensure building owners, managing agents and employers make cycle parking facilities obligatory, according to three-quarters of respondents to FM World’s latest poll.

But many respondents said it’s a harder call if the organisation is a small- to medium-size business where money is tight.

Some FMs were against making the provision of cycle parking a law, saying it would better left to an enlightened organisation to set its own rules.

However, the principle of having to make laws on cycle parking provision offended one Think Tank respondent. “We shouldn't have to have laws on this,” she said.

“Maybe I work for an enlightened organisation, but surely companies that don't make any provision for cycle parking are  damned if cycle parking is what their work-force needs.”

Many Think Tank respondents said the provision of cycle parking at work – either through laws or enlightened self-interest – is rapidly gaining momentum and more businesses will have little choice but to accommodate cycle parking.

“We don't question car park provision,” said one respondent.

But, similar to car parking, the building owner or employer should not be responsible for bicycle thefts. “Cyclists need somewhere to park, as do car owners, and with the same caveat that an organisation has no liability for bicycles left on the property,” said another respondent.

“If need be, local authorities should support business in financial and practical terms to provide bicycle parking.”

“How safe and secure cycle parking should be is down to the management and how much they value staff,” said an FM who often cycles the 26 miles to work. “There should also be adequate facilities such as changing and shower rooms not just for cyclists, but for all staff.”

“Facilities for securing bikes are relatively simple to provide,” noted a non-cycling respondent. “But add-on facilities such as showers and dedicated changing facilities, which would not be so easy to provide for small companies, would need to have some form of ‘reasonableness’ attached to their provision.”

But when it comes down to the finer points of allowing bicycles to be brought into office areas, one FM was most concerned about the effect on his floors: “I don’t agree with allowing bikes to travel over carpeted surfaces.”

And provision of cycle parking should not be a “free ride” for cyclists, said one FM. In fact, a soon-to-be-made law in San Francisco has a provision for the building owner or manager to charge for safe and secure cycle parking.

The San Francisco law will gives employees the right to have their employer and/or building owner make allowances for parking bicycles. The county already has a law stipulating that all new buildings must have dedicated bicycle parking space.
Information about the San Francisco law is available at: