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23 February 2019
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FMs asked to consider in-office relaxation pods

25 March 2011

A new company that rents out "relaxation pods" to allow workers to catch up on sleep during their lunch hour is reaching out to facilities managers.

Podtime director Jon Gray told FM World that he is working with various FMs at financial services firms in the City of London to bring the pods into the workplace. And he’d like to see more FMs consider installing the pods in offices, arguing that a short period of rest during the working day has “scientific benefits”.

He said those benefits include “increased productivity, increased energy, better cognitive skills, reduced stress levels, improved motivation and up to a 30 per cent reduction in the risk of heart disease”.

Currently the pods reside at Podtime’s HQ near Bank tube station in London, where a one-hour session costs £9.99. But Gray claimed he is seeing more and more demand to bring the pods in-house.

The pods boast 15mm wall thickness to keep out noise and are ventilated to allow a flow of clean air. Mattresses and pillows are made from “thick high quality foam” and are covered in faux leather for comfort.

Other design features include a clock so that workers do not oversleep and the ability to lock the pod from the inside, ensuring that belongings are secure.