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23 February 2019
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13 February 2018 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal

The official receiver has announced that 4,418 facilities management jobs on former Carillion contracts will be saved.


The prison and defence bases contracts cover cleaning and catering and will now be transferred, safeguarding the employment of all staff.


But about 59 construction workers will be made redundant.


A spokesperson for the official receiver said: “Arrangements have now been finalised to transfer prison facilities management and defence bases catering and cleaning contracts to new providers and as a result we have been able to safeguard employment for a further 4,418 employees.


“Ongoing employment has been confirmed for more than a third of Carillion’s workforce so far as part of the liquidation. There is a lot of interest from potential purchasers in the contracts the company delivered which will see the number of jobs safeguarded continue to increase.


“Employment could not be secured for a further 59 employees working on paused construction projects and regrettably they will leave the business later this week. Those who have lost their jobs will be able to find support through Jobcentre Plus’s Rapid Response Service and are also entitled to make a claim for statutory redundancy payments.


“Most employees who have transferred so far have done so on existing or similar terms and we will continue to facilitate this wherever possible as we work to find new providers for Carillion’s other contracts.


“The process to find new suppliers to deliver Carillion’s contracts continues. We are continuing to engage with staff, elected employee representatives and unions to keep them informed as these arrangements are confirmed.”


To date, a total of 6,668 jobs have been saved and 989 jobs have been made redundant through the liquidation.


Continued support by Carillion’s public and private sector customers is enabling as many employees as possible to be retained in the interim until all contracts have been worked through.