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20 February 2019
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15 October 2018 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Five trends are set to define the student’s experience of higher education, according to Sodexo’s university trends report.


The trends identified suggest the need for “ongoing and future development of universities as places of both learning and personal development, by identifying the fundamental drivers of students’ quality of life behind the rapidly changing demographics, expectations and behaviours of university students”.


Satya-Christophe Menard, CEO, Sodexo schools & universities worldwide, said: “More than ever the headwinds of technological, economic and cultural change are impacting the way students learn and develop. With this rapid change upon us, it is incumbent on all university stakeholders – not only institutions themselves but also public authorities, parents, partners and suppliers – to work together to support students and contribute to a successful on-campus experience.”


The featured 2018 Sodexo University Trends are:


Beyond academics: Changing economic, political, social, digital, cultural and environmental forces are evolving the work landscape. “Preparing students” takes on an expanded mandate beyond academic education, to include personal development and extracurricular offerings.


Engaging first-generation students: A new generation of students is emerging from the growing middle class, and universities are working to recognise and support them – with clear benefits beyond the individual experience.


Enhancing student experiences with technology: Today’s college students are digital natives: they expect technological touch-points through recruitment, studying and post-graduation.


Evolving brick-and-mortar universities: Global growth in student population, access to technology and student mobility is changing the way they experience physical 2/2 campuses. Universities are increasingly offering blended and customised models.


Lifelong learning: As technology changes the workplace, education is moving from the traditional ‘one-and-done’ model to a broader audience including adults and senior residents looking to keep up. Universities are exploring how to connect, provide for, and inspire remote learners, working adults and returning students.