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17 January 2019
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Happiness is rated 7.41 out of 10 © iStock

13 March 2018 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal


Trades workers – including those working in construction, plumbing and electricity – are some of the UK’s happiest workers.


A survey of 1,024 UK workers by workplace incentives and rewards provider One4all Rewards, published in The 2018 Happiness Survey, polled employees from different age groups, genders and industries, asking them to score from 1-10 on how happy they are in their current roles.


The data revealed that the trades industry currently boasts some of the happiest employees – staff in this sector rate their happiness as a glowing 7.41 out of 10, compared with the national average of 6.81 out of 10.


And as many as one in two (52 per cent) trades workers scored their workplace happiness level as eight or more out of 10.


Unsurprisingly, trades people felt it was the remuneration they receive for the work they do – such as salary and wages – that plays the most important (59 per cent) role in their happiness.


But softer factors such as the nature of the work that they do (35 per cent) and the relationships workers have with their colleagues (30 per cent) followed in second and third place.


Trades workers also stated that their workload (24 per cent) and the relationships they have with management (22 per cent) play a key part in their happiness in their role.


For more information and to read The 2018 Happiness Survey, go here