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Dave Cooke
Dave Cooke

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06 January 2020 Dave Cooke

Dave Cooke predicts security threats for 2020.

We live in times where security threats grow daily so organisations are moving to a structured and visible risk management process – be that a focused security risk management system or as part of an enterprise-wide initiative.

Cybersecurity threats will continue to grow and dominate concerns. While not traditionally part of the physical security world, some organisations are starting to merge cyber and physical security operations. 

There will need to be closer cooperation between these disciplines and a higher awareness of cyberthreats and responses across security teams. This is particularly true in FM where dependence on ICT infrastructure for access control, BMS and CCTV systems, and the growth of the IoT create vulnerabilities and attack vectors to core business systems.

The pace of technological change will increase with integrated “smart” environments in which connected systems and AI flag suspicious events and respond automatically. With the growth of big data, decision-making systems will help security teams make sense of what is available. Underpinning all of this will be privacy issues with increasing legislation and enforcement to protect this.

There will need to be an ever-closer relationship between police and private security operations; businesses should be drawing on the wealth of guidance provided by the CPNI and CT Policing from their websites and as part of the ACT initiative. There’s a growing need to share best practice and intelligence through professional bodies and sector-specific special interest groups.

Organisations need to be resilient and have tested business continuity and crisis management plans in place. These will be essential in protecting business activities and reputation.

Challenging times indeed. We need security teams to adapt and develop in line with the threats and opportunities.

Dave Cooke FIWFM is an independent consultant and chair of the IWFM Risk and Business Continuity Management SIG