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Lisa Hofen
Lisa Hofen

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1 April 2019 Lisa Hofen

Lisa Hofen encourages people in FM to join the IWFM Board.

The time has come to throw your hat into the ring – or have someone else do it for you – to secure a position on the IWFM Board. 

IWFM is a substantial professional body so some might think they don’t have a chance of being chosen, or that they wouldn’t have anything to contribute once they get there.

But this is far from the truth. It takes courage to stand up and say, ‘I want to be a part of that!’ And those who do rarely regret it. It took me seeing two adverts about joining the Board before applying.

I’m passionate about FM and the workplace, and I hold a strong view that we can enhance our profession through IWFM. The Board meetings are enjoyable too. I take pleasure preparing for them, sharing my views and opinions with other senior leaders in FM. It’s the kind of work that doesn’t feel like work – at least not to me.

Since joining the Board, I’ve learnt how essential volunteers are to the IWFM.  Members worldwide bring insight, expertise and experience to the Institute and help build a strong sense of community through the activities they organise and support. 

They play a major part in ensuring our profession develops and progresses. 

You need to be confident, level-headed and able to debate matters respectfully. In return, being a Board member provides new and fulfilling experiences and opportunities to understand the internal workings of our great institute. 

I feel proud to have played my small part in shaping the IWFM, meeting new people, and being able to give something back to an institute that has been part of my professional life for nearly two decades.  

If that sounds worthwhile to you, then I encourage you to apply. Discover more on the IWFM website www.iwfm.org.uk/about/governance/volunteer or send questions to [email protected]

Lisa Hofen is non-executive director at IWFM