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Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter

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1 April 2019 | Andrew Porter 

Outsourced facilities management is continuing to defend itself in the glare of a national spotlight. For this month's Think Tank poll we asked if you think the market is changing to favour smaller providers?
Here is Andrew Porter's opinion on what he thinks is happening. 

Outsourcing should always favour the right company for the client organisation and part of that means that they should be of the right size, i.e. a company that is too small simply won't be able to deliver or fund delivery and a company that is too large won't always give it the focus it needs. 

However, the two do not need to be mutually exclusive. As a procurement professional who has procured billions’ worth of spend over the years, I know big companies can be encouraged to – and are often very keen to – use smaller companies as subcontractors, which is possibly the best solution for everyone from a risk perspective. 

By including initiatives such as ‘Meet the Buyer’ days and encouragements to local sourcing in tenders, new and mutually beneficial relationships can be developed for the long term.  

Andrew Porter is managing director of Spingate Consulting