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James Bradley

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1 April 2019 James Bradley

Outsourced facilities management is continuing to defend itself in the glare of a national spotlight. For this month's Think Tank poll we asked if you think the market is changing to favour smaller providers?
Here is James Bradley's opinion on what he thinks is happening. 

The FM services market provides its customers with a lot of choice. There is a proposition or delivery model to suit every preference, and the viewpoint from the mid-market is a positive one, a secure one, and most definitely a sustainable one.

Customers are still looking for the highest-quality service at the best possible price, but delivering the basics brilliantly can be overlooked in favour of shiny new innovations. That’s not to say that innovation shouldn’t be prioritised; a forward-thinking ethos instils the value and behaviours to always seek a better way and stay relevant. But maintaining quality of delivery has to be built on solid foundations and that comes from having the right infrastructure to support the evolution of the business, as well as the flexibility and nimbleness to meet changing customer needs.

Customers want providers they can be proud to work with and that comes down to the business culture, where smaller organisations can really differentiate themselves. By focusing on always doing the right thing, smaller service providers can benefit from the sustainable dividends of following this ethos. They can demonstrate the characteristics that the likes of Carillion have typically been accused of lacking.

FM customers of the future will continue to choose providers that not just deliver the basics well as standard, but also demonstrate understanding, sustainability and the ability to deliver effective technology. This means that SMEs will see increasing opportunities both with end-user clients and large plc IFM delivery organisations.

James Bradley is director at Churchill