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Mike Boxall
Mike Boxall

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1 April 2019 | Mike Boxall 

Outsourced facilities management is continuing to defend itself in the glare of a national spotlight. For this month's Think Tank poll we asked if you think the market is changing to favour smaller providers?
Here is Mike Boxall's opinion on what he thinks is happening. 

Over the past couple of years there has been a trend for larger organisations to be dismissed simply for being big and the assumption that the client won't get the same level of attention as they would from a smaller company. 

This has led some of the larger providers to build specialist divisions, creating the appearance of a smaller niche provider, with the backing of a larger stable business.

The public sector faces a different challenge. The open and transparent scoring structure means that if the criteria for qualifying for public sector contracts are relaxed it will be increasingly difficult to distinguish and select from a wider pool of smaller providers.

Issues around the PCR2015 regulations are a good example of a similar issue, where most of the questions are ‘self-certified’ rather than required to demonstrate expertise. It results in a higher volume of suppliers, all meeting the same basic requirements, which makes it more time-consuming and costly for clients. Having more suppliers to choose from actually makes it harder to choose.

Being able to gauge a provider’s experience and abilities from previous performance (demonstrated by previous benchmarking) is more accurate, a more reliable measure for selection for clients. It also means that service providers benefit from the same opportunities rather than favouring large over small, or indeed small over large. That is the way we want, and expect, procurement to change in the future.

Mike Boxall is managing director of Sitemark