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28 January 2019 | Martin Read

Tomorrow Meets Today is a neat initiative through which young facilities managers (‘future leaders’) get to talk about their choice of profession to an invited audience of young people yet to decide on their own future careers.

Kudos to Andrew Hulbert (managing director, Pareto FM) and Sajna Rahman (business development manager for Sodexo Defence and Government Services), who began this annual get-together in 2015. 

“How can we attract more young/diverse people into FM?”

Colin Kimber

Colin Kimber – senior account manager, Pareto FM 


“Bring to the surface the multitude different disciplines contained within FM; ensure we are supportive of young people’s needs.”

Bianca Angelico

Bianca Angelico – executive PA/marketing manager, Sodexo


“(We need to) share our success stories and companies' cultures – young people want to find a place that accepts them and their backgrounds.”

Dele Agunpopo

Dele Agunpopo – FM assistant, Pareto FM


“In college, careers fairs got us thinking more about the career paths we wished to go down. Some sort of college involvement would be an effective method of informing the young minds of FM.”

Chiv De La Hoyde

Chiv De La Hoyde – workplace services manager, Pareto FM


“Let’s ‘rebrand’ FM. Facilities management doesn’t sound like something you’re going to spring out to work for. Imagine things like workplace innovation & management, workplace experience manager, workplace development team, or workplace enhancement team.”

Dan Scotchmer

Dan Scotchmer – account manager, Pareto FM


“Apprenticeship schemes need to become more diverse, such as the hybrid apprenticeship we have initiated at Pareto FM. Internships need to be looked at too.”

Martin Read is editor of Facilitate Magazine