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we're changing lives

Oren Gerson

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02 September 2019 | Oren Gershon

If we want to attract people to the profession, we need to speak about how we’re changing people’s lives, says Oren Gershon. 

This might sound hyperbolic to some, but we really are changing people’s lives. Everyone knows about the janitor who helped put a man on the Moon, so why talk about cleaners, heating and cooling? We all need a real mindset change so we can showcase to those outside of our industry some of our great achievements.

I keep telling my teams and the companies I work with to stop selling a service of FM and start selling how it will enrich people’s lives, make them productive and create a community within and outside our organisations.

Company culture is bred from two things: the leaders’ values and the workplace and FM team that enable the organisation to thrive. So if our industry fails, everyone fails.

There is a lot of talk around what millennials and Gen Z want from their work environment, but every person in every age group wants their lives to be enriched and enjoyable.

Yet, despite the similarities, workforces can still splinter into smaller groups with tribe mentalities. It’s up to workplace and FM professionals to challenge the inherent biases we all hold, break down the barriers and ensure that everyone works together in the best space possible.

The technical and operational aspects of our roles matter fundamentally. But we can speak differently, focusing on our ultimate goals: to open our minds, realise our potential to make a difference to our buildings and all of the people within them, and set about achieving change. We’ll probably attract a new crowd of professionals too. 

Oren Gershon is managing director of O.M.G Consultancy