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Trust exercise

Kentish and Co and the People Experience Hub created a trust index to determine the levels of trust in FM and how it affects those who work within it, explains Liz Kentish.

Write yourself to victory

With the IWFM Awards 2020 now open for entry, Jo Sutherland offers tips on writing a winning award entry.

We’re failing at promoting women

Companies know they need to create a work environment where women leaders can advance, but many get it wrong, says Rosalie Harrison.

Skills focus in 2020

Upskilling is a prerequisite to success in the current labour market. Fraser Talbot helps to direct your learning in 2020.

First-aid champs

With 27 mental health first-aiders in the company, Clare Ferguson explains the value of having these trained colleagues for support.

Think ships, not silos

Applying military squadron theory to civilian organisations can help to progress the silo debate, says David Scott.

Be like Alice in Wonderland

Reflective practice requires more than looking in the mirror – you have to step through the looking glass, says Jill Fortune.

A barista's brief

Varun Udhin won Barista of the Year and explains what it takes to be the best.

High Fidelity

Volunteering at a senior level presents unique challenges and, more importantly, benefits one’s professional development, says Steve Roots.

Pitch Pitfalls

Encouraging your staff to play sport – especially if they haven’t done so in a long time – could lead to injuries and affect business operations, says Adam Gomes.

Cheese sarnie knowledge

Including people with learning disabilities and differences in the workforce can yield great results, but the way tasks are explained requires fresh considerations, explains Kerrie White.

Sister acts

Vicky Lopez offers advice to women looking to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

Let's talk about race

People are nervous about having conversations about race but silence is detrimental, says Meg Horsburgh.

Password mastery

Lax password security could be dangerous for you and your business, says Clive Taylor.

Personality puzzle

We need to know what motivates us and our colleagues to get the best from each other, says Victoria O’Farrell.

Resignation rejected

Be prepared for a counter-offer when resigning, says Claudio Rojas.

Second chances

Mistakes happen so leaders need to know when to give second chances, says Alistair Craig.

Rethinking frustrations

Tim Chadwick reveals how to turn an operational problem into a business.

Next in line 

Anne Lennox-Martin discusses best practice in succession planning.

Yes versus no

FMs under pressure often say ‘yes’ to mollify the client or occupier’s demands, but it’s not always the best answer, says Chandra Hughes.

Don’t be like Oliver Twist

Negotiating budgets is never easy but there are ways that FMs can strengthen their case for finance and leadership, says Justine Cooper.

Foster the exceptional 

The role of a leader is to create conditions for employees to thrive, says Claire Curran. 

Stop the bully 

Stamping out workplace bullying is a challenging task and requires the right set of personal skills, says Fergus Roseburgh.

Asking for recognition 

It’s an oft-uttered sentiment that FMs only receive attention when something goes wrong, so it is important to ensure that the team is thanked for a job well done – even if you have to ask for it, says Laura Birnbaum.

Eat the ugly frog first

Procrastination seldom serves us, but we can overcome it with a combination of enjoyment and rewards, says Victoria O’Farrell.

Tuned in leaders 

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable – but the right leader can resolve it, says Terry Hayward.

Follow the leader 

Many leaders labour under the misapprehension that they’re better than their team thinks they are. Don’t fall into the same trap, says Martin Reed.

Step up to strategise 

Being strategic is an aspiration for both the industry and FM professionals, but acquiring operational experience beforehand will help you to make a success of it, says Nick Fox.

Skilling up for 2019

In a changing work environment FMs should focus on developing skills to be employable in 2019 and beyond, says Beth Goodyear. 

Brand alignment 

Building your professional brand can help boost your profile – but make sure it aligns with your employer’s corporate brand, says David Kentish.

Be a Five-star FM 

To be more employable, FMs need to focus on a few core developmental areas to help them become an A-star FM, explains Jane Wiggins.

Internal development, external development 

The development of staff to meet clients’ needs requires training in evolving and adaptable processes, says Gemma Rigby.

Working the warehouse

Steven Moore presents five essential attributes FMs need for retail warehouse operations.

We need to talk about menopause 

Very little is being done to support women working through menopause but implementing a strategy is simple to do, says Julie Dennis.

Flattery is not feedback 

Constructive feedback rather than empty hyperbole is far more valuable to your team members, explains Julie Kortens.

Loud gestures  

Body language can be far louder than the spoken voice, so Liz Kentish provides some tips to make sure that you watch what you’re saying, even when you’re not speaking.

You can be yourself 

Samantha West, commercial director at Vinci Facilities talks about her transition and how LGBT+ networking can drive change for the better.

The hybrid apprenticeship initiative

The hybrid apprenticeship initiative equips young people with the hard and soft skills required of modern FMs, explains Andrew Hulbert.

Five considerations for dealing with IT 

FMs need to maximise the potential of technology by fostering positive relationships with the IT department, explains Indu Wijayatunga.

Five Attributes FMs need to deal with the C-suite

Joanna Lloyd-Davies explains five attributes FMs need in successfully handling the C-suite.

An FM by any other name

From FM to workplace, Dereck Dziva takes us on his journey of change within his organisation, noting a shift in perception from others and increased professional empowerment.

The strongest link

Pleun van Deurssen, chair of IWFM’s Rising FM SIG, discusses confidence while networking.

A tale of two responsibilities

CJ Green, former chief executive UK at Servest, discussed her career progression from HR to CEO. 

Stepping up

Professional training is important for career progression, but how do FMs know when to take it to the next level? Lucy Jeynes offers advice.

Accentuate the positive

Volunteering requires commitment and effort, but the rewards can be great. Jackie Furey discusses devoting time and energy to the FM cause.

What can managers do about stress?

Alan Bradshaw, a consultant in workplace mental health, offers tips on how managers can help ease their team’s stress.

Just talk about it
Owen Gower, performance and quality manager at Sheffield Hallam University, shares his views on how FMs need to find better ways of dealing with stress.

Managing your manager

We can often be under the illusion that managers are always right. But, as films such as Horrible Bosses suggest, that isn’t always the case, says C-J Green.

Powerful points for your next presentation

Jon Isaacson shares his tips for creating value rather than wasting time when addressing your audience.

FM: Working abroad

The more adventurous individuals within the UK workforce harbour thoughts of broadening their horizons and working abroad. FM World has scoured the globe for FMs who have taken such a leap.

Going in-house

Tom Booton was an officer in the Royal Navy before discovering FM and spending more than 10 years working for Mitie and Anabas before taking his current in-house role as head of corporate real estate at The Law Society two years ago. We ask Tom to share his experiences.

A bit of RNR: What FM can learn from probation

Facilities managers are equipped to identify and remedy a building that is malfunctioning, but they do not have as much training or experience when dealing with the people problems that arise within their teams.

Facman and wife 

Harry and Paula Cox are husband-and-wife, and both work in facilities management, having met as client and contractor. They have spent six years together, and both agreed to share their experience of working in the same profession as their spouse.

Ahead of the curve 

Jamie Harris speaks to Russell Wood – an ambitious facilities manager who has climbed his career ladder “about five or six years sooner than expected”.

Learning on the job

Studying while working is becoming increasingly popular within facilities management. Ashraf Patel and Danny Malyon – both from the Sainsbury’s FM team – tell Jamie Harris about what drove them to undertake BIFM Level 7 qualifications and how it spices up their day jobs.