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facilitate: pay & prospects 2016

Show us what you've got: from salary to benefits packages and beyond - how the FM profession is evolving.

facilitate cover july 2016 richard gleed
Photography: Richard Gleed

Show us what you've got

In an increasingly fluid jobs market, FMs are obliged to develop a portfolio career, presenting themselves as comprehensively trained, communications-savvy individuals able to take on any task, as our 2016 Pay & Prospects survey reveals.

Learning potential

The highly technical skills framework that has been built up in recent years means that FM is no longer a sector that people just ‘fall into’. Young entrants are now able to leapfrog into careers in FM – if they also possess the right personal attributes.

Transforming expectations

FM is very much a practical discipline, which is why a typical FM once measured their worth more in experience than qualifications, but new breed of facilities management professional is coming to the fore – possessed of strong life skills and with recourse to a wider range of experiences.

Schools of thought

Choosing between in-house and outsourced service provider can put FMs on significantly different career trajectories. What should inform this decision-making process – and how do such choices affect employability?


Pay & Prospects 2016 - in numbers

Some of the top line figures and statistics from this year's Pay & Prospects survey.