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Savills’ RISE won an IWFM Award for improving the customer experience and measuring change in the Impact on Customer Experience category. 

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02 December 2019 Facilitate Team

Service delivery in facilities and property management can be inconsistent at times, failing to meet customer expectations. But it can be improved, Savills says, by putting  the customer at the heart of what managing agents, FM providers and suppliers do. Aligning the strategy, management systems and service delivery for everyone’s benefit. So the company created RISE, which is a scoring framework used by internal teams and their service partners, to improve the customer experience, along with innovation, place-shaping, community, building performance, sustainability, health and wellness, across the properties managed by Savills. 

RISE measures customer experience performance through an independent third party, which assesses the quality of property and facilities management services through a certification process, to deliver consistent service quality to owners and occupiers across properties. Inspired by research from the British Council for Offices, the company has developed its own scorecard and scoring system to follow best practice. 

Project scope
Embracing the market shift, Savills wanted to seize the space-as-a-service model, adding its own customer-focused initiative. While the organisation was confident it was delivering an effective customer experience, it wanted to be sure so it implemented a measurement framework.

The RISE certification process begins with an initial audit to see where improvements are needed. A Building Performance Scorecard is used, measuring qualitative scores: the number of credits received depends on how well each standard is achieved.

The focus areas include:

  • Customer experience;
  • Occupier engagement;
  • Sustainability;
  • Health and wellbeing;
  • Innovation;
  • Operational excellence; and
  • Performance evaluation.


The audit maps a customer experience journey to identify improvement areas. Site teams and service partners follow a roadmap to improve standards. There is a suite of documents – manuals, log books, templates and best practice initiatives that all Savills properties can use. Improvements are made through:


  • Occupier engagement;
  • Community portals to share news, important updates and promote brand values;
  • Customer experience surveys
  • A customer charter;
  • Innovation in service delivery; and 
  • Sustainability and wellness initiatives.

After improvements, the independent third party audits and certifies the property. The RISE process is scalable and has already started been rolled out across UK regions and Europe.

Cannon Place – case study
Savills has rolled out RISE across its portfolio, with more than 45 buildings on board and seven certified buildings, one of which is Cannon Place.

Overall results: The building achieved 41 per cent for its initial assessment but after improvements, achieved 92 percent from the third-party certification audit. 

What the team did

  • Customer journey mapping: Introduced various initiatives to improve the experience such as security wardens at the entrance welcoming guests, art installations to enliven the space, planting, air scent machines, building leaflets, and also USB charging points in reception areas.
  • Events: Hosted regular pop-up events as part of their enlivenment programme, ranging from wellbeing, waste awareness days, charity events and market days, along with beauty pop-up events.
  • Innovations: BringMe Lockers for personal packages, electric car charging point, ECN screens and waterless urinals. 
  • Building initiatives: Joined the Clean City Awards Scheme and won Gold in 2018, awarded Security Building Accreditation, a CSSA Award for Environment and Sustainability 2019 and the Silver Leaf 2018 Award for its Christmas display. 
  • Accreditation: The team has achieved ISO 14001 and BREEAM-in-use.
  • Streamlined documentation: Building information such as the Emergency Plan, Occupiers Handbook, Welcome Guide, Fit Out Guide and policies and procedures such as PIRP (pollution incident response plan), Noise Plan. The site team has also a site-specific induction guide and uniform code document for each service partner. 
  • Service levels: Constant monitoring to ensure standards through KPIs, Mystery Shopper Visits and an annual customer survey for feedback.
  • Sustainability: Meeting with occupiers to define a Sustainability action plan to improve the environmental and wellbeing performance. Examples include a chemical-free cleaning solution, indoor air-quality monitors, washroom sensors and LED lighting.
  • Digital engagement: Using an occupier portal and digital screens to provide news and updates, local offers, and engage with customers about events coming up in the building. 

Project detail

Savills FM Team

  • Marie-Louise Kerr

FM suppliers

Reception services: Savills Reception Services

Housekeeping: Principle Cleaning Services

Security: Bidvest Noonan

M&E services: Cannon Place Engineering

Technical services: Savills Technical Services


Emma Potter
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RISE principles are applied across the portfolio including at White City Place

Key considerations

Clients’ satisfaction

The RISE strategy has improved customer experience across multiple properties and Savills attributes it to the reason it has retained key clients through enhanced client confidence and occupier satisfaction. 

But the company says RISE has also helped it to win new clients and contributed to business development. It has enabled Savills to develop and maintain its track records of managed assets, extending its property portfolio with both iconic instructions and new prestigious buildings.

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Key considerations

Building a customer experience culture

An organisation needs to build a culture that promotes the customer experience. Doing so requires talented leadership that recruits and retains senior management and employees with the right attitudes and personality profile. 

RISE policies, procedures and processes are discussed by members from all of the relevant departments. For instance, procurement and FM discussed KPI assessment forms before implementing them, while the sustainability team regularly assesses sustainability criteria so that it is relevant and up to date. 

The underlying theme is communication and collaboration. The Savills team extends this approach through its service partners so that all parties can work together to improve performance and service.

Building managers meet with service partners, using bespoke KPIs to discuss performance, challenges and improvement. Service partners are incentivised to promote innovations. 

The Savills site teams understand that its service partners are experts in their respective fields and their suggestions are valuable. 

RISE also implements formal meetings with clients and occupiers, and informal catch-ups to maintain communication channels. 

There’s also a quarterly building management forum and the company’s social media network to share best practices, challenges and successes.

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