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03 April 2018 | Okappy


Leading water treatment specialists, Convert Water Ltd wanted to streamline their job management processes and better collaborate with their customers and subcontractors. Okappy’s innovative communications platform was able to help. Before using Okappy, Convert Water used spreadsheets, emails and text messages. There was a lot of manual data entry and duplication between different applications. As a result, information was often lost or missed. Since moving to Okappy, the company has seen business growth of over 40% year-on-year! Convert


Okappy, is not just a job management solution. It’s a Market Network; part social network, part marketplace and part SaaS tool. Okappy enables companies to seamlessly connect with their customers and subcontractors by eradicating information duplication between each companies management systems. DMS Ashbourne is one of Convert Water’s subcontractors, also using the Okappy network. Convert Water are able to send and receive jobs to DMS in real time, improving the way they collaborate.


Instead of having to wait weeks for invoices to be processed, they can be sent instantly upon job completion. CW used to spend over a day each week sorting out job sheets, whereas now they have a whole day free to focus on growing the business. Anthony, the director, is able to spend more time on client sites, ensuring the highest quality and meeting customers. This has helped them take on more work and grow their revenues by 40 per cent year-on-year! 

Emma Potter