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Would you like the ability to offer more services to your current clients? More specifically, would you like the ability to offer more services than you currently do, without having to employ a new team to carry it out? Then you may be interested to learn about a company called Capital who offers such services as a white label opportunity.

Capital provide many B2B services to companies © Shutterstock

21 August 2019 | Capital

Capital provide many B2B services to companies up and down the country and have been doing so for a number of years. From data centre cleaning to computer cleaning, hardware asset management and any number of other services through our Service Team delivery system; Capital not only provide these services themselves but have been working alongside many other companies in order to provide such services. 

That’s where the benefit of outsourcing specialist services such as these, in a white label capacity, comes in. Companies like Capital can help you provide these services without having to outlay any costs. All you simply do is offer the service and enjoy the profits. It couldn’t be simpler. 


Offering Additional Services Without The Hassle 

For many clients, having to roam from one company to the next can be off-putting. While budget is of course paramount, convenience is also a factor so if a client can find extra services they need from you, whom they know and trust, it becomes a far easier process. With the help of Capital, you get to further increase your support services to your clients, enjoy the profits that it brings and you get to do so without the worry of supplying staff and equipment.


It couldn’t be simpler. 


You offer the services, Capital provide you with a price, you add on your desired mark-up and deliver your quotation as normal. Upon acceptance of the quote, Capital then provides the service as your company or partner company to your business. It sounds simple because it is simple. 


To make things as easy as possible, all services can be delivered via a cloud system to ensure scheduling is kept on top of. Services can be tracked, ensuring not only you but your clients are knowledgeable of services completed/due at all times. Everything from operative times to sign off times can be monitored with ease. Upon completion, Capital invoice you and you then simply invoice your client.


Contact Capital Today 

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one in this case it couldn’t be a better fit. Capital can offer you the expertise and knowledge your company lacks without you having to spend a penny. By utilising their white label contract services, you get to increase your range of services, adding more value for your customers and ultimately more profit for you.


No cost, no time, simply added profit. For more information on how Capital could work alongside you, contact them today on [email protected]