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Includes advice on good facilities management practice and legal issues, plus 'Technical...' guides on common issues.


  • IoT-powered complianceThe IoT is a powerful means to ensure compliance of water systems, says Spencer Culley. 04 November 2019
  • Power playReid Cunningham shares some of the core considerations for successful energy benchmarking, adapted from the IWFM Guidance Note on Energy Benchmarking. 07 October 2019
  • Flooring the oppositionFlocked floor coverings are popular because they are far more cleanable than other construction flooring, says Paul Rogers. 01 July 2019
  • Defending the consumerLandscape protection products can help FMs to defend retail spaces against vehicle-borne terrorist attacks without turning them into utilitarian-looking fortresses, says Jaz Vilkhu. 01 July 2019
  • Going ThermalThermal fluid systems are a better choice for FMs operating industrial laundry equipment but they need regular maintenance to keep temperatures high, says Clive Jones. 01 July 2019
  • Plan for the endA good obsolescence management plan needs a risk assessment register, says David Khanna. 01 July 2019
  • Find your flexAs distribution network operators (DNOs) transition to distribution system operators (DSOs), large energy users are in a strong position to contribute to a smart, low-carbon energy system, says Andrew McKenna 04 June 2019
  • A fair hearingHearing loss affects one in six of the UK population (almost 11 million), yet a lack of knowledge in the sector means these users' needs are seldom considered in commerical projects. It is essential, then, to include assistive listening technology in any new development or refit. 03 June 2019
  • Foundational concernsRobbie Blanchfield explores the benefits of resin injection in buildings. 04 February 2019
  • Serve up, don't slip upSeveral factors must be considered when choosing canteen flooring, such as who will use the space, what they will use it for and the challenges these raise, says Kevin Potter. 04 February 2019
  • Sponsored: Make the Easy Switch to Digital Two Way RadioKeeping up with the pace of change in technology is a fact of life for modern businesses. Like the clients they serve, FM providers face pressures to undergo their own 'digital migration', using the latest tech solutions to offer more efficient, value-added services. 05 December 2017
  • Sponsored: Why We Need To Move Beyond Landfill For Washroom Waste DisposalThrough a combination of education and legislation, recycling has now become part and parcel of commercial waste management. 03 July 2017
  • Fire compartmentation - a burning questionRichard Sutton, general manager at Horbury Property Services, looks at fire compartmentation and how regular fire risk assessments can help to reduce dangers and prevent breaches. 03 July 2017
  • Smoke control systems: Open or closed protocol?Smoke control systems, activated when a fire breaks out, remove hot, hazardous smoke or compartmentalise it to allow for clearer escape routes and firefighter access. But there are informed choices to be made, says Bob Gate. 06 June 2017
  • In the loopUnder the Equality Act 2010 reasonable adjustments must be made to ensure those with a disability are considered in all public buildings including the hard of hearing, says Gary Leverington of Action Hearing Loss. 06 June 2017
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