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14 February 2020 | Facilitate Team


Building information modelling (BIM) will add value to the management and operations of a building, but more needs to be done to access this value, according to a study by research and consultancy firm Verdantix.


Already, BIM is being used in the design and pre-construction phases of a building life cycle, and tapping into management and operational phases is the next step to reach.


Verdantix expects developments to happen fastest in the CRE market, “where developers that rent buildings where they invested in a BIM for the design have an opportunity to test multiple usage scenarios”.


Rodolphe d’Arjuzon, head of Smart Building Technologies Research at Verdantix, said: “We found that there are numerous sources of value for many stakeholders during the maintain and operate part of the lifecycle. But there are also major hurdles in the way.


“Our research has investigated and compiled the emerging best practices to guide corporate executives onto the right path to success.” 


The proposed value of BIM to FM teams includes worker efficiency and simpler maintenance tasks, but this will only happen if they are consulted early in building’s development stage to “specify how they will use the model down the line”, says the report.


However, a persistent problem, the report outlines, is that those who pay for BIM are seldom the same people – typically FMs – that will benefit the most from it. The result is a lack of investment in BIM to solve management and operational challenges, adds the report. 


Better understanding of BIM’s value and benefits throughout every stage of a building’s life cycle is needed to maximise its use for operational planning.

Read the report here