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Chris Moriarty, BIFM's director of insight

11 April 2018 | Martin Read

The importance of facilities management forming closer relationships with an organisation’s HR and IT departments was the topic of a debate during the Facilities Event in Birmingham yesterday.


BIFM's director of insight Chris Moriarty spoke of projects where direct involvement of senior HR professionals has often led to the use of a single metric to determine facilities spend – the user experience. “HR teams are spending millions on talent strategies,” said Moriarty, “And it’s often when HR says speaks about the workplace  not being good enough that provides the catalyst for change.


In Moriarty's experience, “those FMs now working closely with HR have seen their credibility within the organisation shoot up”.


Raj Krishnamurthy, CEO and founder of Workplace Fabric, saw the coming together of FM, HR and IT as more of an opportunity than a threat.


“This whole conundrum around optimising the working environment and delivering productivity are two sides of the same coin,” said Krishnamurthy, who suggested that a cohesive approach involving FM, HR and IT would allow FM in particular “to go after other pockets of investment money that exist within an organisation, particularly”.

Mike Gillespie, director of cybersecurity consultancy Advent IM, sought to play down the myth of IT being a more effective department than others. In fact, said Gillespie, “IT can be very poor at engaging with businesses and the end user”.


“Quite often they can dictate the solution the organisation is going to get rather than conduct research to establish what the best tool might be. What they should be doing is working together with FM to understand the business and the solution that will get productivity.”


The Facilities Event continues today and tomorrow at the NEC exhibition centre in Birmingham.