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Edinburgh International Conference Centre © Shutterstock
Edinburgh International Conference Centre © Shutterstock

12 February 2020 | Prithvi Pandya


The Edinburgh International Conference Centre has extended its partnership with Leith, part of Levy UK, until 2025.


Leith will provide sustainable food options and catering tailored to the latest consumer demands and industry trends at EICC. 


The partnership is underpinned by the Levy Cares initiative, which emphasises the importance of the global food industry's role in combating the climate crisis. 


Both companies said they share ‘firm values’ in the area of sustainability and are mindful of guests and the planet when curating menus at the venue. Leith and EICC work with local suppliers in Scotland under the Scottish Food and Drink Pledge to provide its meat, fish, dairy products, fruit and vegetables and Fairtrade coffee. 


Menus are tailored to each event considering the demographic of the audience and the events programme. Food waste from these events is taken to a local energy recovery plant, where it goes through an anaerobic digestion process resulting in biogas production and a digestrate used as a fertiliser on local farms. 


Jon Davies, managing director at Levy UK, said: “Our vision for the future is to continue developing exceptional culinary offerings by creating a greater proportion of healthier choices on menus, as well as integrating technology to further enhance the guest experience.” 


Leith’s culinary team is trialling using whole carcass eating to cut food waste and it is developing nose-to-tail menus for beef, lamb, mutton and pork. 


Marshall Dallas, CEO at the EICC, said: “The extension of our partnership reinforces our long-term commitment to providing sustainable, responsible and healthier choices to guests at the EICC, whilst giving back to our local community.


“Catering is one major area where we are taking responsibility for our environmental impact. In the last year we are proud to have eliminated our landfill waste, and in early 2020 we look forward to launching a set of new sustainable initiatives.”