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Some staff feel driven from their jobs by conditions © iStock

04  September 2019 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal

Only one in three workers say the temperature in their office is conducive to helping them do their best work, according to a report. 


A study by American technology company View states that air, light and temperature have the biggest influence on employee health, productivity and engagement.  


Temperature and air quality matter four times more to employees than having gym facilities.    


A workplace that enhances employee health and wellbeing would encourage seven out of 10 employees to stay at their current job and make seven out of 10 more likely to accept a job offer at a business offering such an environment.  


Of those surveyed, 50 per cent said poor air quality makes them get sleepier throughout their workday.  


Thirty-four per cent of those polled calculate that they lose 60 minutes of work each day because of discomfort through a lack of physical wellness factors.  


Research findings are based on a global survey conducted by Savanta across the US and Canada between 23-29 April this year.  


For the survey, 1,601 respondents were asked general questions to explore thoughts on workplace environment, personalisation of the work environment, and privacy and security at work. The study targeted those aged 18 to 74 who work in a corporate office environment at least three days a week.  


The report, Future Workplace Wellness Study, can be found here