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Paper Round and Vegware join forces

Salad containers, cutlery and food scraps will be composted © Shutterstock

22 May 2020 | Herpreet Kaur Grewal


Commercial recycling company Paper Round has joined forces with compostable food packaging firm Vegware to provide a compost waste collection service. 


Under the service, compostable packaging will be collected as a separate waste stream and sent to an in-vessel composting facility, enVar, in Cambridgeshire, where it is transformed into compost in a seven-week cycle. Used in agriculture, horticulture and landscaping, this compost provides soil with a slow release of vital nutrients and improves soil structure, reducing flood risk. 


Andy Sibley, managing director of enVar Composting Ltd, received the waste from the trial scheme. “I am pleased with the way Vegware’s products work through enVar’s composting process. Working together with Vegware, Paper Round and customers, we continue to reduce contamination [in this scheme].”


Compostables are an alternative to disposables in the food service sector in situations where it is unrealistic to remove food residues from packaging and service items like plates. Salad containers, cutlery and food scraps can go straight into a compostables bin to be commercially composted with food residues.